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Saturday, 23 Jun 2018

Accident Management

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accident-management"More and more companies are aware of the cost in both time and money when business vehicles are involved in motor accidents"

Not only can this be costly, but it also disrupts the smooth running of the organisation.  Having this troublesome event managed by a professional team of specialists keeps drivers on the road, reduces vehicle down time and most important of all, takes the stress away with just one telephone call.

Autoserve Accident Management operates on a 24-hour basis from its central control room, arranging vehicle recovery, hire and repair.  All repair work is vetted for cost and checked for quality, claim administration disappears and the minimum of involvement is required.

In addition to the day-to-day claim process uninsured loss recovery of repair charges, policy excess and personal injury are part of the personal service.

Overviewing the claims biannually to assess risk and cost are essential elements of running a large corporate fleet and no one has more independent experience in assisting senior management in this ever more important task.

Health and Safety is now a major concern for fleet managers and is a natural add on to the accident management service. Company executives may be held responsible in law for motor vehicle accidents.  Outsourcing therefore is an efficient way of dealing with this task.