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Friday, 25 May 2018

Safety Management

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safety-managementVehicle Safety Management

One of the most important aspects of Vehicle Management is related to Health and Safety. Under new laws to be introduced, Government plans for corporate fleets mean that to comply, a Health and Safety policy must be specifically written for the purpose for which that entity requires. 

Once the Health and Safety policy is in place it is essential to capture and monitor the required information, which will minimise motor vehicle accidents within the constraints of the law. At Autoserve the Autoclaim software which has been developed over a 15 year period, is used to monitor and manage the information that the Health and Safety policy demands. This produces a reporting trail that not only is compliant, but manageable in the pursuit of accident reduction. 

As safety policy must be implemented and monitored, it may be an onerous task to administer in-house, hence the benefit of outsourcing to Autoserve. It is essential to maintain records on vehicle maintenance and journeys, driver claims, medical history, working schedules, total claims, risk analysis, driver training and also corporate implementation. 

Autoserve will not only manage Corporate Vehicle Safety within the law, but in partnership with management, introduce a safety culture within the company that will reduce the numbers and severity of motor vehicle accidents. Once Vehicle Safety Management becomes the norm, the broader aspect of fatal accidents on the road will benefit, as will the overall vehicle running cost budget.