Driver Support – Consumables

Wiper Blade & Bulb Replacements

Replacement external bulbs and wiper blades are included as part of your Guaranteed Maintenance package. We’ll happily replace worn/blown bulbs and wiper blades for the duration of your contract. To have these items replaced, simply take your vehicle to your nearest:

National Tyre and Autocare branch

ATS Euromaster Branch

Halfords Autocare Branch

and show your driver card or Autoserve key fob. The branch will then seek authorisation from us to replace these for you. Alternatively, we can replace these at a main dealer for you during the vehicle’s service. If these items need replacing outside of a vehicle service please take your vehicle to one of our tyre supplies listed above.

Please note: only worn items will be replaced, if your bulbs or wipers aren’t working or are faulty due to damage they will not be replaced by Autoserve and you will be liable for the charge imposed by the garage yourself.

Your Guaranteed Maintenance contract does not cover any damaged items.

Fluid top-ups

Fluid replacements / top-ups such as engine oil, brake fluid, windscreen washer, engine coolant and Adblue are only covered under your Guaranteed Maintenance contract at the point of vehicle service.

If your vehicle is indicating that any fluids need topping up or replacing when the vehicles service is not due, then you as the driver are responsible for arranging top up / replacement.  Any damage caused by failure to top up or replace fluids is down to the driver to sort, this is not covered by your Guaranteed Maintenance contract. You must check your vehicle fluid levels regularly to ensure your vehicle is maintained and safe to use.

Fuel top-ups such as petrol / diesel / hydrogen are not covered by your Guaranteed Maintenance contract.