Driver Support – Tyres and Punctures

For tyre replacements and punctures, take your vehicle to any of our tyre partners listed below:

– National Tyres and Autocare Centre

– ATS Euromaster

– Halfords Autocentre

Please ensure you have read and understand our tyre policy below, before taking your vehicle to one of our tyre partners

Tyre Policy:

If at any time, during the contract period, your vehicle’s tyres need replacing because the tread depth is worn to 2mm or less (fair wear and tear), or if the tyre suffers a puncture within the tread they will be repaired or replaced, free of charge.

You will need to take the vehicle to one of our tyre partners, listed above. After inspecting the vehicle’s tyres, the tyre centre will then contact Autoserve for authorisation and will replace the tyres if authorised to do so.

Below is an image detailing our tyre policy for sidewall or shoulder damage. If you are unsure if your puncture will be covered by your Guaranteed Maintenance contract, please take a photo and contact Autoserve on 0121 521 3500 in the first instance, will we be able to advise.