Driver Support – Windscreens and Glass

Windscreen and glass repairs / replacements are NOT covered.

Our recommend windscreen repairer is Auto Windscreens. You can call Auto Windscreens directly on 01246 216455, who will happily assist you.

Any form of windscreen repair or replacement is not covered by your Guaranteed Maintenance contract, as this is classed as damage to the vehicle. It is your responsibility to arrange to get your vehicle’s windscreen repaired or replaced. This includes all chips and cracks to all windows of your vehicle.

An alternative option would be for you to contact your insurance company to see if your repair or replacement is covered by your insurance. Although, it is worth noting that on occasions it may be cheaper to go directly to a windscreen repairer, such as Auto Windscreens, compared to paying the excess amount on your insurance policy. We suggest you consider both options to see which would suit you best.

We highly recommend fixing any windscreen chips before they turn into cracks as this can be more costly for you in the long term.