Guaranteed Maintenance – What’s included


Your vehicles servicing, maintenance and MOT testing costs will be covered for the duration of the contract.

All servicing is based upon the manufacturers guidelines and servicing schedules. When your vehicle’s service light appears or when an MOT is due, all you are required to do, is to contact us at Autoserve to let us know and we’ll do the rest. We’ll find the closest approved garage to either your work or home address, which ever your prefer.

At Autoserve we work with a wide range of approved service centers across the UK who may be able to provide you with a courtesy vehicle while your vehicle is in the garage. Subject to availability and may be chargeable.

As part of the vehicle’s service, the maintenance contract will cover items such as:

  • Checking the engine oil and replacing / topping up if required
  • Brake pads and discs
  • External bulbs and wiper blade replacement
  • Fuel, oil, air and pollen filters
  • Spark plugs
  • Topping up Adblue
  • Checking and topping up fluids such as brake fluid, engine coolant and windscreen washer fluid
  • General servicing checks including testing the battery, checking the suspension system and tyres.
  • Resetting the service light


Tyres play a crucial role in vehicle safety which should not be compromised. If at any time, during the contract period, your vehicle’s tyres need replacing because the tread depth is worn to 2mm or less (fair wear and tear), or if the tyre suffers a puncture to the main tread, they will be repaired or replaced.

You will need to take the vehicle to your local Halfords Autocentre (formerly known as National Tyre and Autocare centre) . After inspecting the vehicle’s tyres, the tyre centre will then contact Autoserve for authorisation and will replace the tyres if authorised to do so.

Any sidewall damage or requests for the purchase and / or fitting of winter tyres is not included and will not be authorised. Alloy wheel replacements and / or repairs are not covered


If your vehicle’s wiper blades or bulbs are worn, simply take your vehicle to any of our tyre partner branches to have them changed. (Damaged items are not covered).


Whether it’s going to an important business meeting, a social engagement or picking the kids up from school, a breakdown in any vehicle is unpleasant, time-consuming and costly.

Breakdown Assistance is available with all Guaranteed Maintenance contracts. If your vehicle breaks down anywhere in the UK, including at home, you simply need to give our driver line a call and we’ll arrange for a reputable breakdown company, such as the AA, to attend to the vehicle 24/7. We utilise manufacturers breakdown assistance whilst your vehicle is under warranty, then we use our AA cover in the event of a mechanical breakdown with the exception of exclusions e.g. battery related issues, and sidewall damage to tyres.

Our selected partners have a fleet of breakdown vans, recovery trucks and other specialist vehicles to support a wide range of breakdown situations. The main aim of this will be to fix the vehicle by the roadside, if this is not possible the vehicle will be towed to a local approved garage for repair within a 10 mile radius


For the duration of your Guaranteed Maintenance contract if your new vehicle develops any faults, which falls within the vehicles warranty, we’ll happily book your vehicle into the garage for the issue to be investigated on your behalf. You simply need to give our driver line a call and we’ll do the rest.

Every new car on sale in the UK is supplied with a warranty. Although every car manufacturer is different, usually this is 3 years or up to 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, this varies with each manufacturer and can depend on the model.

If you’re not sure if a vehicle part is covered by the warranty, our partner Autoserve can look into this for you and will arrange for the vehicle to be booked in and taken to an approved garage, for the warranty work to be carried out, once approved by your vehicle manufacturer.


Our Accident Management service covers both fault and non-fault accidents with a 24/7, 365 days a year incident response line.

After your call, to the dedicated Autoserve customer only line, our Accident Management partner will arrange for your vehicle to be recovered and taken to an approved garage for a review of the damage and for repair. Our partner has access to a nationwide network of BS-10125 approved repairers who will work to agreed labour rates and part discounts. They also have access to ATA/VDA Qualified Engineers who review estimates to ensure true and fair damage costs. By using our partners approved repairers you can be confident of a quality repair with minimal downtime to your vehicle.

They’ll also provide advice or free legal assistance if you, as the driver, is not at fault. As an added bonus, should you be involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, our partner is able to arrange a like-for-like replacement vehicle for the duration of repairs, subject to availability.


If your car starts to make a strange noise or if you have a general question regarding your vehicle, you can call our 24hr driver helpline for advice.

As a benefit for having a maintenance contract, you are provided with a 24hr dedicated service which is manned by our own staff, who are ready to respond immediately to your needs.

At the heart of the service is a sophisticated computer system, which draws on motor manufacturer information and technical trade databases which provide invaluable data on every make and model of vehicles on UK roads.


All Guaranteed Maintenance customers are entitled to a free Autoserve Club membership. Autoserve Club is the place for exclusive motoring discounts and benefits. You can find offers on essential items such as parking discounts, dashcams, car mats, pet accessories and more

The Club also hosts a range of with lifestyle offers such as holiday and travel offers, experience days, hospitality bookings and more.

Offers can be added, amended or withdrawn at any time without prior notice.



Unfortunately, any form of windscreen repair or replacement is not covered by the contract, as this is classed as damage to the vehicle. It is your responsibility to arrange to get your vehicle’s windscreen repaired or replaced. This includes all chips and cracks to all windows of your vehicle.

We recommend contacting our approved partner but an alternative option would be for you to contact your insurance company to see if your repair or replacement is covered by your insurance. Although, it is worth noting that on occasions it may be cheaper to go directly to a windscreen repairer, such as Auto Windscreens, compared to paying the excess amount on your insurance policy. We suggest you consider both options to see which would suit you best.

Our recommend windscreen repairer is Auto Windscreens. You can call Auto Windscreens directly on 01246 216455, who will happily assist you.


End Guard is included with all Guaranteed Maintenance packages. End Guard is a great way for one of our technicians to have a look at and advise on any images or videos of your vehicle damage before you return your vehicle to the lease company. If you return a vehicle to the lease company with damage, which falls outside of the BVRLA fair wear and tear guidelines, you’ll usually pay more to fix the damage compared to if you sorted the damage before returning the vehicle

Our End Guard facility allows you to submit images and videos of the vehicle damage for our technician to review to see if these fall within or outside of the BVRLA fair wear and tear guidelines. If we believe the damage does fall outside the guidelines, we can refer your vehicle to one of our selected repair partners for a quote for you to approve and book your vehicle in to be repaired.