4 Out of 10 Brits Say Their Next Car Will Be Electrified

4 Out of 10 Brits Say Their Next Car Will Be Electrified

4 Out of 10 Brits Say Their Next Car Will Be Electrified

New research suggests that four out of ten new car purchases will be electrified, as more people take an interest in EVs…

4 Out of 10 Cars to be Electrified 

New research, conducted by the data firm NTT, suggests that four in ten future car purchases will be electrified; as consumers become increasingly interested in more environmentally-friendly models. The survey, which included 20,000 British motorists, found that 39% of respondents intend to make their next purchase a hybrid or fully-electric model.

For those classified as higher earners (earning £60,000 or more), the figure rises significantly to 58%. Conversely, the figure drops to 34% for low-earners (earning less than £30,000). Assuming, of course, that the survey’s respondents are representative of broader society, an average of 40% of drivers want their next purchase to be electrified; escaping diesel and petrol models.

The survey has found significant differences in terms of buying intentions based on age. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, older drivers are more likely to want an EV or hybrid than younger ones. For example, 57% of respondents aged over 55 want an electrified model. The figure sits at 35% for 18 – 25 year-olds.

Price Still a Barrier 

Nick Smith, the head of manufacturing, automotive and services at NTT DATA UK, commented on the survey’s results. He said, “the results of this research confirm that the automotive industry is experiencing a shift in consumer preferences precipitated by social and product changes. Consumers are changing their purchasing habits and understand the need, and benefits, of transitioning to electric vehicles. However, younger buyers are being locked out of purchasing electric vehicles, largely because of their expense”.

He continued, “it’s clear that the automotive industry needs to consider how electric vehicles can be made more affordable for young buyers. There is growing demand for electric vehicles and dealerships must react accordingly. Introducing varied purchasing models is one option for enabling the industry to tap into this younger market, and may also convert current non-purchasers into potential buyers.”

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