10 Things The New VW Golf Gets Right

5 Things The New VW Golf Gets Right

10 Things The New VW Golf Gets Right

The Volkswagen Golf is the hatchback of the last century. Millions have been sold worldwide, securing it an iconic status. Will it continue its dominance? Here’s what the latest model gets right…

Increased Autonomy

The new Golf has what Volkswagen is calling ‘IQ.Drive’. This is marketing spin for increased autonomy. In some cases, where there are solid road markings, the car will be able to steer, brake and accelerate on its own; the driver will, however, have to leave their hands on wheel at all times. This represents a major push into territory formerly occupied solely by the likes of Tesla. It’ll no doubt prove particularly useful on long, monotonous motorway journeys.

Better Fuel Economy

Volkswagen hasn’t yet released the full details of the latest Golf’s fuel economy. But it has claimed that it’s 15% more efficient than the previous model; meaning drivers will make significant savings on fuel. In addition, it also means the MK8 is cleaner and produces fewer harmful emissions. This won’t come as much of a surprise, given the company’s role in the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal.

Voice Control

Voice control is hardly a new feature in the world of automotive, but it’s come a tad late to VW’s lime-up. In the case of the Golf, it’s equipped with Alexa. This means drivers can control smart home technology from the wheel and locate points of interest. The ‘Hello Volkswagen’ voice assistant also allows drivers to control some of the car’s functions via speech, too.

Car-To-Car Communication

Car-to car communication is often overlooked due to the rise of autonomous cars and electric vehicle technology. This is a crime given its potential to transform how we drive. It effectively allows cars to ‘talk’ to one and other or, more succinctly, share information. This can concern traffic and upcoming obstacles on the road like an accident or roadworks. As a result, it can revolutionise safety and convenience. The latest Golf can communicate with other cars but, to begin with, this will have minimal utility. Its true value will only become properly apparent when more and more cars come with the tech.

Retrofit Away

People change their minds and Volkswagen knows this. Which is why, with the new Golf, you’ll be able to retrofit your vehicle after you’ve purchased it. So, should you suddenly decide you want cruise control (or you’ve simply saved up enough for it) you can get it fitted. This offers customers a much more personal and customisable experience, which they can shape as and when they please.

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