All EV May Not Be The Best Move In The Market

Britain alone will need 22 million chargers and 88% of these will be in homes.

Do EV pollute less?

EV do pollute less on car emissions, however, the electricity that fuels them comes from coal fire power stations which isn’t environmentally friendly. An EEA report found that 35-50% of total EV manufacturing emissions arise from electricity consumption in China, which is three times higher than in the United States.

Will jobs be affected with the change to EV?

According to the European car industry federation ACEA, Europe produces 25% of all passenger cars and 19% of commercial vehicles worldwide. Helping the production of companies like VW, BMW and Mercedes, there was a worry that jobs may be affected. However, the shift to electric will be manageable so fewer job losses are expected. On the other hand, the United States are offering green subsides to attract manufacturers. If this happens then large parts of the European car industry will be affected meaning job losses will happen, according to Scottish author Iain Martin.

Are EV going to save you money?

Initially attracting customers for being eco-friendly, the cost of charging them being lower than filling up with petrol as well as being tax free, EV are meant to be the car of our future. However, recent reports from the government have shown that EV will no longer be tax free from April 2025. Furthermore, due to the increase in electricity and energy prices over the past year, the RAC have found that charging an electric vehicle from a family home costs around 70p per kilowatt-hour on a pay as you go basis, which has increased by 50% since May 2022.

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