New Armoured Volvo Can Withstand Bullets and Explosives

New Armoured Volvo Can Withstand Bullets And Explosives

New Armoured Volvo Can Withstand Bullets and Explosives

Volvo is known for its emphasis on safety. But it’s outdone itself with this latest armoured version of the XC90 SUV…

Safety First

An automaker can develop a reputation for many things; not always good things. For the Swedish automaker Volvo, it’s been a question of safety. Its vehicles have consistently aced safety tests and dazzled regulators. Much of this has been achieved via clever design, generous applications of in-car tech and a practical understanding of the dangers motorists face. But not all motorists face the same dangers. Some, for instance, face the very real prospect of a hail of bullets, regular assassination attempts and even explosions. Enter the ‘XC90 Armoured.’

Designed by ‘Volvo Cars Special Vehicles’ unit (yes, that’s a thing apparently), the Armoured comes with 50 mm-deep bullet-proof windows and 10 mm-thick reinforced steel. In addition, it boasts a deafening horn to stall attackers (or irritate locals) and a fire suppression system to fight flames. It even boasts an emergency escape hatch at its rear; nifty should you need to dodge a hitman or escape your friend’s awful taste in music. But drivers of the vehicle needn’t fear attracting any unwanted attention, the model is based on the original XC90’s design; so its military-grade features are discrete. So you don’t need to worry about inadvertently attracting any unwanted attention from the very people you’re trying to avoid.

Stephan Green, marketing director at Volvo Cars Special Vehicles, summarised the version’s production. He said, “production is classified, with stringent procedures and oversight in place in order to attain the stipulated ballistic requirements.” He added, “production is carried out with extreme diligence, which is imperative in order to fulfil the exceptionally high requirements placed on this class of security product.” In simple terms, this means the car can withstand 360-fire from the likes of an AK47.

A Particular Client Base

As you might expect, the XC90 Armoured doesn’t come cheap. Prices start at £450,000. Which is understandable, given how difficult it is to clad an already heavy vehicle in armour without significantly compromising on its performance. Its brakes and suspension system, for instance, have had to receive significant reinforcements. In addition to the standard armoured version, there will also be a ‘light’ option, which still adds 250kg to the original model; this version is designed to ward off handgun fire; more than sufficient for rush hour road rage.

With the Armoured, Volvo is demonstrating its technical capabilities and reinforcing its ‘luxury’ brand status. Celebrities, politicians and other VIPs want (and often need) protection whilst on the move. Making a significant amount of money out of them, and associating famous names with the brand, is a win-win for the business. Clever move, Volvo.

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