Average Car Is Parked For 23 Hours A Day In The UK

According to new research, the average car in the UK is parked for 23 hours a day. Which is good news for EV charging…

Parked for 23 Hours a Day 

New research, conducted by the RAC Foundation, has revealed that the average car in the UK is parked for 23 hours a day. More specifically, they spent just 4.4% of 2018-19 on the move. They spent 72.6% of the time parked at home, whilst the remaining time was spend being parked elsewhere. According to the Foundation, these figures remain largely unchanged in over 20 years. Back in 1995-96, cars were driven for 4.9% of the year and parked at home for 69.1% of it.

The figures shed light on the fact that our cars, in most instances, are decidedly underutilised; especially given that they’re usually the second largest purchases people make, after a home or property. Nevertheless, it’s not all bad news. The numbers do mean that the transition to EVs may be a tad more straightforward than we once thought…

A Benefit for EV Charging 

According to the RAC Foundation’s Steve Gooding, that our cars are so often parked is actually good news for electric vehicles. This is because there will be ample opportunity to charge them up whilst stationary. He said, “the average car is driven just one hour out of every 24. A proportion that is almost the same as it was back in 1995″. He added, “however, this lack of use does have one silver lining. It means that there is ample opportunity for recharging the next generation of electric vehicles, particularly at home, or at work – so making best use of our cars’ ‘down-time’ rather than us having to make a specific trip just to get refuelled”.

Gooding pointed out that there may be more room for slower charger variants, too. He explained, “there is clearly a lot of attention focused on providing a rapid public charging network to help address drivers’ range anxiety. But this data shows there is plenty of scope for slower, potentially cheaper recharging facilities to be installed at people’s homes; where the average car spends so much of its time”.

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