Car Features That'll Keep You Warm This Winter

Car Features That’ll Keep You Warm This Winter

Car Features That'll Keep You Warm This Winter

It’s tough being a motorist in winter. Whether we’re desperately waiting for our cars to defrost or having to wear multiple layers whilst on the move, keeping our vehicles and ourselves warm can be a challenge. Fortunately, car manufacturers have finally caught up and have started rolling out features to keep us warm and cosy. Here are the best car features to keep you warm this winter… 

Remote Start

You’ve woken up on Monday morning and slowly get yourself ready for work. Having put on your work clothes and sipping a cup of tea, you pull back your living room’s curtains and see your car is frozen over. Now you’re instantly rushing. Not only could this make you late for work, it also means standing around in the cold whilst it defrosts. Why? Because pesky thieves are waiting to strike at unattended cars with their engines left running. Thanks to forward-looking engineers, however, this scenario could be consigned to the history books. Remote start means you can turn on your car’s engine and heating system without unlocking or opening it.

Fog Free Mirrors 

Driving in the rain presents us with a number of challenges, whether it’s having to drive slower than usual or contending with reduced visibility. Side mirrors becoming steamed up only makes things harder. Fortunately, fog free mirrors can now be kept warmed up and therefore crystal clear with the latest technology. It works in the same way as the more mainstream heated windscreen features we’ve seen over recent years.

Heated Seats

This is probably our favourite feature on the list. Heated seats are fairly self-explanatory and they’re becoming as standard in more and more models. They’re great for motorists who struggle to get comfortable or who suffer from backache. In addition, you’ll never have to put on a coat or jacket whilst on your commute again thanks to the warmth they can provide. Whilst some cars come with them, savvy business people have also rolled out heated seats that can be fitted to any standard car seat. Nifty.

Heated Neck Vents 

How can we keep our necks warm, scarves? Of course not, it’s the 21st century and who seriously wears a scarf behind the wheel other than 1920s race car drivers? I know what you’re thinking, ‘what about those of us who drive convertibles.’ Heated Neck Vents, that’s what. As you might expect, these simply blow out warm air to ensure to you remain warm whilst your car’s roof is down. The idea of being able to drive convertibles around in the winter months is a fun one and it’s guaranteed to attract some curious looks from other drivers.

Heated Steering Wheel 

Cold fingers are part and parcel of the winter. Freezing hands aren’t comfortable and, more importantly, aren’t particularly useful. Heated steering wheels will keep your hands warm, allowing you to move the car around with ease. No more jitters whilst cruising down the motorway!

Whether your car has any of this nifty tech or not, it’ll require regular servicing and maintenance. With over 16,000 approved garages, a 24/7 support service and a host of cost-saving offers, Autoserve can keep your car moving smoothly. Call one of our professional Service Advisers on 0121 521 3500 for more details.

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