New Car Sales Were Still Down By 35% Last Month

Car Sales: The Techniques That Are Used And How To Deal With Them

New Car Sales Were Still Down By 35% Last Month

With lockdown coming to an end, you might be considering a new car. In which case, it makes sense to prepare yourself for these sales techniques…

Wearing You Down

Spending time at a dealership can be tedious. After the initial wave of excitement about getting a new vehicle dies down, you’re left going through paper after paper and all sorts of bureaucracy. Salesmen and women know you’re most alert at the start of the process. This is where you’re more likely to challenge their strategy and see through any gimmicks. As a result, they’ll want to tire you out. Whether it’s leaving you alone in a waiting area for a while or talking you endlessly through all sorts of finance options they want you tired, fatigued and easily led.

It’s important to remember that you’re in charge of the process. Don’t let sales people take you off on a tangent or leave you waiting around for longer than is reasonable. You should set the agenda and the pace of any discussions and queries.

This One, Or That One?

All effective car salesmen and women all have something in common. They don’t ask ‘yes or no’ questions. They want to lead you down a process that ends with a sale and, ultimately, giving you lots of choice opens the door to reservations and doubt. So instead of ‘are you sure this is the car you want’, you’ll get ‘so, ‘do you want the car in red or blue?’ You’d be surprised at how effective this strategy is. After all, you’re there because you want to buy a car so…Why not buy a car?

Again, don’t allow the salesperson to dictate the pace of negotiations. Simply tell them that you’re not ready to commit and that you want to visit other dealerships. Make it clear that you’re still weighing up your options. Otherwise, they’ll waste your time talking about options and considerations before you’ve even decided on the offer.

Under Pressure

Car sales people are often impatient. They have targets to meet and commission to make. What they want is to get you to purchase a car and as quickly as possible. This is where a clash of interest develops. You don’t want to rush even if your heart is set on a particular model. You need to weigh up your options and research a variety of deals. The salesman will probably try to convince you that your favourite model is receiving a lot of interest and will sell out soon. This amounts to ‘if you want it, you need to get it now.’  You don’t.

Simply look the sales person in the eye and say ‘So, if I come back next week I can’t buy it?’ Unless they’re willing to go nuclear, they’ll obviously be willing to wait for the sale. In addition, there’s no way your dealership is going to run out of Ford Focuses.

A Lucky Customer

It’s incredible. You’ve turned up on a day when there just happens to be a special deal in place. More than that, the showroom’s manager is in a good mood and has just told the salesman that he can offer you a special discount. But it only lasts for ‘x’ amount of time. In nearly all cases this is complete nonsense and is a technique designed to 1) make you feel special and 2) put pressure on you.

Unless you’ve already got a number of offers to compare this ‘best’ deal with, it isn’t the best. Your job is get as much information from as many dealers as possible and locate what’s the most economical for you. It could be that what they’re offering IS competitive. But unless you have a lot to compare it with, don’t take their word for it.

Up-Selling Antics

Car sales techniques always include ‘up-selling.’ This is simply the strategy of squeezing as much money out of you as possible. If you’ve decided on a car and have made it clear you’re ready to purchase the process isn’t over yet. The salesperson will now try to get you to commit to a number of extra, and often expensive, features. After all, what has he or she got to lose? So if you’ve purchased a brand new car, they might say ‘seen as you’re spending this amount of money, why not buy this special security feature?’

The way of dealing with this is to avoid rushing. You’ve decided you want the car and your’e probably keen to drive away with it. This doesn’t mean you need to commit, in an ad hoc fashion, to the most expensive trim level. Have an idea of how much money you want to spend and stick with it. Think critically about what you want from your car and don’t invest in technology and features you don’t want or need. Sometimes a ‘no, thank you’ is your best weapon.

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