Here's Why A Cycling Revolution Won't Reduce Car Dependency

Cyclists: Drivers Are More Tolerant Post-Lockdown

Here's Why A Cycling Revolution Won't Reduce Car Dependency

New research has suggested that drivers have become more tolerant of cyclists in the aftermath of lockdown. This is despite there being more of them on the roads…

Peace Between Cyclists And Motorists?

There are more cyclists on the nation’s roads than ever before (well, at least in modernity). You would be forgiven in thinking this would cause some consternation amongst motorists. New research, however, has suggested that tensions between road-users have declined following the nation’s lockdown measures. A Green Flag survey of 1,000 drivers and 1,000 cyclists has shown that 32% of drivers have become more tolerant of their two-wheeled counterparts. This figure rises to an impressive 51% in London. This hasn’t gone unacknowledged, with 36% of bicycle-users noticing an overall improvement in their treatment.

According to the survey, 64% of drivers admitted to often feeling frustrated with people who choose to cycle. Some 76% of road-users on bicycles felt the same towards drivers. However, many have noted that large numbers of drivers continue to drive too closely to them; and show little courtesy when taking a left turn. Meanwhile, drivers feel frustrated that their traditional rivals often jump red lights and travel in large groups.

Learning To Share

Mark Newberry, commercial director at Green Flag, has noted that declining tensions on the road actually follow increasing enthusiasm for bicycles. He said, “while this research does show that there is still some existing tension amongst both, it is promising that with cycling gaining such popularity during the lockdown period, there is an increased understanding between them”. He added, “despite friction amongst the motorists, it is important to remember that the safety of each group relies on the actions of the other. At Green Flag, we conducted this research to raise awareness of this, to ensure that drivers recognise that there will likely be more cyclists on the streets and to be conscious of that, and for the increasing numbers of cyclists to be conscious of their role in sharing the roads safely with motorists”.

Newberry has advised all road-users to be on their guard as people get used to the ‘new normal’. Road-users of all varieties are having to adapt to commuting, travel and the rules of the road after months of staying at home. Regardless, increased understanding between motorists and cyclists can only be a good thing for everyone. Only time will tell if this newfound sense of understanding will last. Here’s hoping…

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