Drivers Demand More EV Chargers After Three-Hour Waits

Drivers Demand More EV Chargers After Three-Hour Waits

Drivers Demand More EV Chargers After Three-Hour Waits

Furious drivers are calling on the Government to install more EV chargers, following lengthy waits over the Christmas period…

Drivers Demand more EV Chargers

Drivers of electric vehicles in the UK are expressing their anger at the Government, due to a lack of EV chargers. The Christmas period saw increased traffic on the roads, due to disrupted public transport, last-minute shopping and visits to see friends and family. For Brits travelling in EVs, it presented a greater need to charge mid-journey. Unfortunately, some unfortunate drivers had to wait up to three hours in order to charge their vehicles, due to the increased demand.

Zap Map, a website that tracks EV chargers in the UK, states that there are just 6712 rapid and ultra-rapid charging devices available for public use in the UK. For perspective, there are now  420,000 electric vehicles in the country and the number is growing fairly rapidly. The need for new chargers is made even more pressing given that the Government intends to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles in 2030.

Falling Short of Targets

Despite the seeming urgency of installing more charging infrastructure, the Government is falling behind on its targets. Indeed, if it’s to catch up it’ll need to ramp up installations by a whopping 350%. As of now, the Department for Transport intends to install 300,000 public EV chargers by 2030.

Many EV drivers will inevitably charge their EVs from home but, on occasion, will need to charge mid-journey. More pressingly, it’s thought that in excess of 40% of British motorists don’t have access to off-road parking; meaning they’ll be dependent on public chargers. This makes it harder for them to transition to the vehicles. It also means that, when they do, they’ll inevitably face greater charging costs.

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