EV Drivers Must Have "The Right" To Charge, Says Automotive Industry

EV Drivers Must Have “The Right” To Charge, Says Automotive Industry

EV Drivers Must Have "The Right" To Charge, Says Automotive Industry

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) has told EU leaders that EV drivers have a right to charge; it’s calling on governments to do more to promote charging points…

A Right To Plug-In

The automotive industry is usually on the receiving end when it comes to ‘green’ politics or legislation. So it’s somewhat novel that the ACEA has petitioned EU leaders to guarantee access to charging infrastructure for EV drivers. It’s suggested that there will need to be 1.25 million chargers throughout Europe by 2025. In particular, it wants these to be ‘smart’ and strategically located, ensuring minimal disruption to power grids. Describing e-mobility as having a “crucial role to play” in the decarbonisation of transport, the ACEA and similar organisations want barriers to the adoption of EVs removed; in urban areas and on motorways. Fundamentally, they see reforms to EU law and necessary in achieving this.

Erik Jonnaert, secretary-general of the ACEA, has insisted that the European automotive industry wants to be at the heart of the change. He said, “the EU auto industry wants to work with all stakeholders to make zero-emission mobility a reality. To convince more customers to make the switch to electric vehicles, we have to remove the stress associated with recharging. This means that everyone must have the option to recharge their vehicle easily, no matter where they live or where they want to travel to.”

Passion Or Self-Interest? 

That the automotive industry would now possess an interest in what it calls ‘e-mobility’ is hardly surprising. It’s received a resounding drumming over recent years for its role in various emissions scandals; of which, Dieselgate was the most infamous. Campaigning groups and governments have applied immense pressure to the industry; forcing them to turn their backs on diesel and pursue electrification. Every day, they get closer and closer to tougher and tougher emissions standards. In effect, then, the ACEA’s suggestions are essentially a call on EU legislators and officials to support the industry in making the transition. After all, should charging EVs become a ‘right’ then the number of EV drivers can only increase. The absence of sufficient charging infrastructure has always been seen as a major obstacle to adoption.

Ultimately, the ACEA’s suggestion is to be welcomed. If EU legislators take notice, everyone is effectively a winner. Consumers have more options, the industry receives support and the environment benefits. What does it matter that it’s born of self-interest, or at least self-preservation, rather than a sincere passion for ‘e-mobility’? Then again, perhaps we’re just being cynical. But you can’t but help wonder whether there’s a correlation between the imposition of targets and the sudden expression of interest…

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