Five Driving Distractions That Should Be Avoided At All Costs

Five Driving Distractions That Should Be Avoided At All Costs

Five Driving Distractions That Should Be Avoided At All Costs

If there’s one thing that requires our full attention, it’s driving. Here’s five driving distractions that we should avoid at all costs…

Car Accidents And Rubbernecking

It’s one of the great automotive mysteries and says a lot about human nature; it’s rubbernecking i.e. staring at car crashes and accidents. After all, what is it we find so alluring about peering into to other people’s misfortunes? It’s not as though car accidents are a rare occurrence. Either way, looking out of our side windows takes our eyes off of what’s in front of us. That’s a recipe for disaster. Show some respect and keep yourself safe.

Driving Whilst Fatigued

Without a doubt one of the worst driving distractions. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that being tired affects mental performance and concentration. But being tired whilst hurtling down the road at speed is a potentially lethal combination. Thousands of accidents are caused by fatigued drivers every year. Fatigue will affect how quickly you can react to changes in the road and your ability to handle the vehicle. Make sure to take plenty of breaks and to get plenty of sleep before lengthy drives.

Making A Phone Call

Probably the most dangerous of driving distractions, taking a phone call at the wheel is just asking for trouble. In the UK, using a mobile phone at the wheel will land you with an instant £200 fine and a whopping six penalty points if caught. There’s a reason the consequences are so tough…A very large amount of accidents are caused by drivers distracted by their phones. Making a call takes a hand out of action and robs you of your concentration. Consider a hands-free set or simply wait until you’re safely parked up somewhere to take a a call.

Sending Texts

Our mobile phones are a focal point of our lives, precisely because they contain so much of it. Highly addictive, receiving a message or a notification releases endorphins; meaning they have similar affects to some drugs. This means it’s tempting to check them even whilst driving. This is a terrible idea. Think about it, you need to pick up your phone, access your messages and then read them. That’s an absurd amount of concentration lost. It’s a foolish and selfish driving distraction. Don’t do it.

Fiddling With Infotainment Systems

Whether it’s trying to find that CD you love or tuning the radio, messing around with on-bard electronics is never a good idea. We all love the gadgetry found in modern cars and listening to our favourite music. However, none of it is worth taking our eyes off of the road for. Interestingly enough, some car models are now coming with CD players located on the passenger side of the vehicle; no doubt a recognition from car manufacturers that they can and do distract drivers.

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