Ford Has Announced That It'll Build EV Components In Halewood

Ford Has Announced That It’ll Build EV Components In Halewood

Ford Has Announced That It'll Build EV Components In Halewood

In a victory for the UK’s automotive industry, Ford has announced that it’ll be building EV components at its Halewood facility…

Ford Invests in Halewood 

Last week, it was reported that Ford was weighing up whether to invest in its Halewood facility. It’s now confirmed that it’ll be proceeding with the investment; transforming the plant into a dedicated centre of electric powertrain production. The American automaker will spend £230 million in preparing the facility, which will start producing EV components in 2024. Around £25 million of the funding with come from the government’s Automotive Transmission Fund (ATF). This scheme is also being used to fund the expansion of Nissan’s vast Sunderland site.

The investment is significant for Ford. Its goals for electrification require it to render its European passenger car fleet all-electric by 2030. According to the Financial Times, the Halewood facility will have a capacity of 250,000 units per year for export all across Europe. Ford has also invested around £700 million in transforming its factory in Cologne into a  dedicated ‘Electrification Centre’.

UK ‘Always a Candidate’ 

Originally, the Halewood site was owned in a 50 / 50 agreement by both Ford and Magna PT. The former assumed complete ownership six months ago. Speculation that Ford would be heavily investing in the facility has circulated since last March.

Andy Roche, the plant’s manager, commented on Ford’s commitment earlier in the year. He said, “we are convinced now with Ford coming in to buy us that they’ve got plans for us. They took us for a purpose and will want to invest. They’re not going to buy us to shut it down. We see this as a protection of jobs”. He added, “so any new jobs that they create, they will be Ford employees, which is fantastic. It’s fantastic to be associated with a world-renowned company”.

There’s also speculation that Ford may construct a so-called gigafactory in the UK, basing the production of EV models in the country. Stuart Rowley, Ford of Europe CEO, said the UK was  “always a candidate” for what will be its first such facility in Europe.

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