Ford is No Longer the UK's Best-Selling Car Brand

Ford is No Longer the UK’s Best-Selling Car Brand

Ford is No Longer the UK's Best-Selling Car Brand

Ford is officially no longer the UK’s best-selling car brand, having experienced declining sales in 2021…

Ford is no Longer UK’s Number One

Last year was one of the most challenging the automotive industry has ever faced; thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and global semiconductor shortages. New car registrations were only up 1% in 2021 over 2020, despite the latter being a veritable write-off. Overall, sales in 2021 were 29% down on those recorded in 2019. Some 1.65 million cars were sold in the UK last year. For perspective, a typical year will see 2.3 million sold.

Some automakers have been hit harder than others. Ford, for instance, is no longer the country’s best-selling brand; having enjoyed the number one spot for years. Volkswagen has now taken its place. Moreover, the Vauxhall Corsa is now Britain’s best-selling vehicle. Meanwhile, the Fiesta didn’t even make the top ten.

Growth for EVs

A decline of Ford wasn’t the only automotive trend of 2021. Electric cars managed to bag 11.6% of new car registrations, which is a new record. Last month, more than one in four vehicles were pure-electrics, too. For 2021 overall, they represented a sixth of all sales. As a result, the UK is now Europe’s second largest market for new, all-electric cars.

However, the rise of green motoring isn’t guaranteed just yet. Mikes Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, has warned that charging infrastructure in the country remains inadequate. He said, “provision of on-street chargers is a particular worry. Given the scale of growth in electric car sales, the gap is going to get worse, so the use experience will get worse too”. Hawes has called on the government to stop cutting back on incentives for EVs and, indeed, to offer more.

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