Frankfurt Motor Show 2019: Here Are Some Of The Best Cars

Whilst there’s some naysaying around car shows, this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show delivered. The industry’s biggest names were present and nearly all of them had something seminal to unveil…

Cupra Tavascan 

Cupra is a bit of a foggy brand, known primarily for being the motorsport division of SEAT. Matters are made more complicated given that SEAT insists of selling the SEAT Leon Cupra. Either way, there are clearly plans in motion to give the brand its own identity. The Tavascan is pure-electric crossover which uses the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform. Whilst its styling has raised some eyebrows, it seems to have received a sufficiently warm reception in Frankfurt; given the rumours that it may receive the green light for production before the end of the year. Why not?

BMW Concept 4

The BMW Concept 4 was probably the most controversial car featured at this year’s show. Before its covers were removed, a part of the automaker’s display crashed violently. Then, when the covers were removed, journalists and onlookers gasped. The cause of their dismay? The enormous grills at the front of the car. One onlooker compared them to ‘Bugs Bunny’s Teeth.’ Garish or confident, the concept will definitely be talked about. Which is surely what automakers want from Frankfurt?

Vauxhall Corsa-e

The Corsa-e has a lot going for it. Which is why, despite all of the competition at Frankfurt this year, it still managed to turn heads. It’s fundamentally one of those cars that represents a real, mature step towards electrification. It’s stylish, practical and has a real-world range of over 200 miles. It boasts a spicy 600bhp, too. Most importantly of all, it’s pretty affordable at around £22,000; and that’s without the government’s grant.

Hyundai 45 Concept

Whilst it may look like something out of a sci-fi flick, the 45 concept actually pays homage to Hyundai’s first ever concept; the 1974 Pony Coupe Concept. The Pony would actually go on to be the company’s first volume model. The interior is surprisingly familiar, being reminiscent of a modern living room, something designers were going for. As Hyundai’s Senior Vice President and head of the Hyundai design centre, SangYup Lee, explained “today’s digital hi-tech approach can alienate some people. So we wanted to add in some warmth, a bit of an analogue feeling to make it more approachable.” That explains the carpet, then.

Volkswagen ID.3

Do we even need to explain this one? It’s basically the biggest attempt at an affordable, mass-market EV with solid range and performance. Which is why VW expects it to become as iconic as the Beetle or the Golf. VW has teased it incessantly for over a year, so we pretty much knew what to expect; a lesson in marketing. Nevertheless, we’re excited to see how popular the model is because, quite frankly, if it fails it’ll have far-reaching consequences for the industry.

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