How To Get Your Vehicle Summer Road Trip Ready

Before setting off on any trips this summer, it’s crucial to ensure your vehicle is in optimal condition for a safe and enjoyable trip.

Check your vehicles maintenance.

It is crucial to make sure your vehicle is running correctly. Scheduling a maintenance check with a technician will ensure that all components are working correctly. Brakes, tyres, fluids, batteries, air conditioning and an overall health check should be completed so you can be aware of any faults with your vehicle to get them fixed before your journey.

Why it is important to get your air conditioning checked. 

Throughout the summer months temperatures rise, increasing the temperature of vehicles, which is why having your vehicles air conditioning system checked is essential. When checking the air conditioning a technician will inspect the vents and refrigerant levels. Your air conditioning system may need a re-gas, which involves removing and adding new refrigerant gas. This is necessary because if it is not changed then overtime the refrigerant can leak out causing the system to be less effective.

When is the best time to travel in the summer?

When it comes to the summer months, traffic congestion may be busier. Recent evidence on Fleet news has shown that this bank holiday weekend ‘will be the busiest for leisure journey’s by car, with around 3.3 million made each day’. Which is why it is always best to plan your travel around peak travel time.

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