Hydrogen Combustion Could Be The New Alternative For EV

EVs still face limitations such as long charging times and limited driving ranges leading industry experts to explore alternative solutions and hydrogen combustion is one of them.

What is Hydrogen Combustion?

Hydrogen, has always been recognised as a clean, efficient fuel source. When hydrogen is combusted it reacts with oxygen to produce energy, only releasing water vapor as a byproduct, which is known as hydrogen combustion.

The advantages of Hydrogen Combustion for EVs:

  1. Rapid Refuelling – This is seen as one of the main advantages due to the lack of charging infrastructure for EVs. Hydrogen combustion has the ability to refuel a vehicle quickly. Unlike EVs that require lengthy charging times, hydrogen powered vehicles can be refuelled in minutes, making them more convenient for long-distance travel, reducing range anxiety.
  2. Extended driving range – Offering a significantly longer driving range than regular battery powered EVs, hydrogen fuel cells can travel hundreds of miles on a single tank.
  3. Weight and space efficiency – Hydrogen fuel cells are generally lighter and more compact than batteries, helping to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. A weight reduction will can help to enhance fuel efficiency, making it a more viable option for heavy duty vehicles.
  4. Zero emissions – Hydrogen combustion produces zero greenhouse gas emissions. Hydrogen can become a renewable energy source when produced using wind or solar power. This is why hydrogen can become a truly sustainable fuel, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, mitigating climate change.

Challenges that could arise when using hydrogen combustion.

  1. Infrastructure – Building hydrogen refuelling stations is a costly and time-consuming process, which currently limits the availability and accessibility of hydrogen fuel to a few regions.
  2. Cost – Hydrogen fuel cells can be more expensive than battery powered parts. However, as technology advances and economies of scale are achieved the cost of hydrogen vehicles is expected to decrease.

Hydrogen combustion could be an alternative to EVs. It’s rapid refuelling capabilities, extended driving range and zero emissions could make it the new alternative. However, continued research will be taken out to make sure it is the right step to make in the industry.

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