What On Earth Is A Tesla Killer And What Do They Look Like?

What Is ICEing And What Can Realistically Be Done About It?

What On Earth Is A Tesla Killer And What Do They Look Like?

Electric car drivers have to contend with a few things others don’t; whether it’s potential range-anxiety or increased insurance premiums.But they also face ICEing. Here’s what you need to know…

The Phenomenon 

In automotive jargon, ‘ICE’ refers to either ‘internal combustion engine’ or ‘in-car entertainment.’ ICEing specifically concerns the former. In ever increasing numbers, electric car charging points are dotting the world. ICEing refers to drivers of internal combustion vehicles parking in spaces reserved for EV-charging. This can cause EV drivers an enormous headache, especially in the UK in which the number of chargers is still insufficient. The phenomenon was first reported in America a number of years ago, where the problem seems to be most acute. EV owners reported ICE drivers occupying charging spaces; sometimes even deliberately. There have even been reports of pick-up truck drivers harassing EV drivers, occupying their charging spaces and dealing out abuse; with some even going so far as to clamp chargers to their loading beds.

What Can Be Done About It? 

ICEing is ultimately caused by two primary reasons. These are limited parking infrastructure and ignorance concerning electric vehicles. The former is part of a broader societal problem in which the number of cars outweighs parking spaces; as a result, opportunistic drivers see EV charging spots as somewhere to leave their vehicles, regardless of its needs. The latter is multifaceted, often being driven by hostile perceptions of particular manufacturers (Tesla in particular) and stereotypical perceptions of EV drivers themselves. Regardless of the abstract, however, some practical measures have been proposed and even implemented.

Alfa Power, which operates a number of charging points, has deployed CCTV systems at all of its sites. They don’t simply monitor whether a vehicle is an ICE or EV, either. They specifically ensure that the parked vehicle is using the charger. Anyone who doesn’t use the spot to charge their vehicle is landed with a substantial fine. In China, more elaborate measures are being used. Some Tesla chargers have been fitted with locks and barriers. These can only be opened via the official Tesla app; the spots themselves are also designed with EVs in mind, meaning that larger vehicles (like pick-ups) can’t get in. But these methods are still embryonic and some EV / Tesla drivers aren’t prepared to wait. Some have exploited their cars impressive torque by dragging ICEing vehicles, including pick-ups, out of charging spots! Not that we recommend this…

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