Labour Is 'Committing' To Electric Vehicles And Charging Infrastructure

Labour Is ‘Committing’ To Electric Vehicles And Charging Infrastructure

Labour Is 'Committing' To Electric Vehicles And Charging Infrastructure

At its national conference, the Labour Party has pledged to spend £3.6bn on a national network of charging points; as a part of what it calls a ‘green industrial revolution.’

‘Enough for 21 Million Cars’ 

Labour has pledged to invest 33.6bn to effectively kickstart the creation of nation-wide charging infrastructure for electric cars. It claims this will involve the roll-out of charging points along motorways and urban streets; allegedly sufficient for 21 million cars over the next decade. It also believes that the network will create 3,000 jobs for electricians and engineers. In addition, the party has also stated that it will offer interest-free loans for EVs, helping them make up two-thirds of the nation’s fleet by 2030.

Rebecca Long-Bailey, the shadow business secretary, emphasised that the measures would reduce emissions and improve air quality. She said, “the climate crisis is right at the forefront of British politics at the moment, helped by the climate strikes, Extinction Rebellion and the mass movement that we’ve seen on our streets”. She added, “it’s shown that people are very, very angry at the lack of action the government is taking. In fact, we’ve got something verging on a climate denier as our prime minister, and that’s very worrying”.

The Bigger Picture 

Transport is the now the single biggest contributor to carbon emissions, having overtaken the energy sector. The move towards zero-emission vehicles, however, has been a painfully slow one. Many analysts and commentators have suggested that a lack of sufficient and accessible charging infrastructure is getting in the way of consumer interest. Range-anxiety, for instance, is an enduring fear that electric vehicles will run out of charge before a charge point can be reached. Infrastructural improvements, then, coupled with financial incentives may go a long way in promoting adoption; especially at a time when many legacy automakers are investing heavily in electric models.

The Labour Party claims that it wants to bring about a ‘green industrial revolution’ and that more policies in-line with this idea will follow. Whether such a policy will ever be implemented, or whether it’s even feasible, is anyone’s guess. But it does represent a major shift. Ten years ago, such policies would probably have been met with ridicule or disinterest. Now, however, they almost feel familiar. Some might go further and argue that they’re inevitable. It’ll be interesting to see how other parties approach the issue, if at all.

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