According To Scientists, Spontaneous Traffic Is Real

Lockdown Traffic: 10 Million Cars Will Take To The Roads This Weekend

According To Scientists, Spontaneous Traffic Is Real

With England’s lockdown restrictions being eased on July 4th, one in three drivers are expected to take to the roads over the course of the weekend…

Post-Lockdown Traffic Surge

One of the few saving graces of lockdown has been the historically low level of traffic on the nation’s road network. Indeed, it fell to levels not recorded since the 1950s. That, however, is set to change. With many of England’s lockdown measures being relaxed over the weekend, it’s thought that millions of drivers will be taking to the road; with as many as one in three getting behind the wheel. That means some ten million cars will be on the roads on Saturday and Sunday.

The prediction is based on research conducted by the RAC. It found that 31% of drivers are planning to travel and stay somewhere overnight on July 4th. Given that there are 34 million license holders in the UK, that equates to roughly 10.5 million people. That said, the survey didn’t take people who would be travelling, but not staying the night somewhere, into account. Which means the roads could be even busier.

Where Are They Going?

This coming weekend represents the first time people in England can visit other households since March 23rd. Now, members of two households can spend time together under one roof. It’s not too surprising, then, that 11% of the people surveyed by the RAC said they’d be staying with relatives. A further 8% said they’d be spending time with their friends. That’s around 6.4 of the 10.5 million journeys explained. The rest, it seems, will be taking advantage of reopening campsites, hotels and bed and breakfasts; that accounts for another three million drivers.

Rod Dennis, breakdown spokesperson for the RAC, commented on the survey’s findings. He said, ““a large proportion of drivers in England are desperate to reconnect with friends, family and indeed nature by staying overnight” and that this will entail  “some busy conditions on the roads”. He also suggested that it’ll be major roads that most affected by the surge in traffic,  “motorways and major A-roads could end up taking the brunt of the traffic if people have longer distances to drive to see family and friends or to take a weekend break”. Either way, it’s going to be a busy weekend with lots of neglected cars, and out-of-practice drivers, travelling the length and breadth of the nation; caution is advised.

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