Motorists Are Struggling With Their Driving Following Lockdown Easing

Motorists Are Struggling With Their Driving Following Lockdown Easing

Motorists Are Struggling With Their Driving Following Lockdown Easing

Motorists are struggling to re-adapt to the rules of the road after returning to their wheels as lockdown measures are gradually relaxed…

Struggling Motorists

New research has revealed that one-fifth of the nation’s motorists are struggling with their driving after a lockdown-induced hiatus. Under normal circumstances, the average British driver covers more than 7,000 miles a year; which works out at about 583 miles a month. A new survey of 2,000 motorists, however, has revealed that over the past 28 days the average driver has covered just 90 miles; with 30% of them driving 25 miles or fewer. As a consequence, 18% of the respondents said that they were struggling with their driving due to being out of practice.

Of those who said they were facing difficulties, 28% admitted that they’d stalled their cars. A further 21% had scraped their wheels on a kerb and a fifth had forgotten to indicate. To make matters worse, four out of ten drivers haven’t visited a fuel station in 28 days. As a result, 12% of them admitted to forgetting which side of their car they fill, or charge, up. Despite all this, many motorists believe drivers are behaving dangerously rather than cautiously. For example, more than four in ten drivers believe that people are driving faster than usual. But just 10% felt that drivers were travelling more slowly. Despite this, a third of drivers insist they’re deliberately driving more carefully since the lockdown.

Hyundai’s ‘Smartsense’

The research was conducted by Hyundai as a part of bid to promote its new ‘smartsense’ technology. Consisting of  what it calls intelligent technology, it claims it can protect lives inside, and outside, of the vehicle. The promotion ties in with other findings that suggest that 18% of drivers have had a near-miss with a pedestrian, cyclist or other road-user since lockdown measures were introduced. More than one in four respondents to Hyundai’s survey admitted that they were concerned by the prospect of there being more cyclists on the road in the future; including after lockdown.

Such fears probably aren’t totally unfounded. Research unrelated to Hyundai’s has suggested that many motorists believe they’ll be driving less after the lockdown is removed; with many claiming that they’ll be working from home more or travelling less. As a result, a bike might end up being a better alternative for many of them, especially in urban areas.

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