MPs considering ideas

MPs Debate Merits of 64mph Speed Limit And Sunday Car Bans

MPs considering ideas

MPs belonging to the Environmental Audit Committee are considering a variety of ideas designed to tackle oil dependency in the UK…

MPs and Oil Dependency 

The Environmental Audit Committee is a select committee made up of MPs from a variety of parties represented in the House of Commons. In a new report, it’s explored a number of ideas that might help accelerate the country’s move away from fossil fuels – especially within the transport sector.

Notably, the report has highlighted a 10-point plan, issued by the European Federation for Transport and Environment (T&E), for tackling transport’s environmental impact. In particular, it suggests reducing Europe’s speed limits by 10km/h. From the UK’s perspective, this would be the equivalent of imposing a 64mph limit on motorways and major a-roads.

In addition, the plan considers the possibility of introducing ‘car-free Sundays’ in major towns or cities. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has alluded to such an idea in the past. Other ideas include increased funding for public transport, initiatives designed to encourage walking and cycling and asking employees to work from home at least three days a week.

Looking to the Future 

Whilst it’s a significant development for MPs to be considering the T&E’s proposals, its conclusions are by no means binding. A reduction to national speed limits would likely prove controversial with some motorists, and there would undoubtedly be fierce opposition to banning travel by car on Sundays – even if only in inner-cities. After all, relatively modest initiatives, such as introducing clean air zones (CAZs) have faced significant backlash.

Nevertheless, with an increasing number of Brits working from home, and driving less frequently, how we travel in the UK is likely to change and quickly. The coronavirus pandemic may be on its way out, but its impact will clearly be felt for a very long time.

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