The Nation's Speeding Habits Have Been Revealed

The Nation’s Speeding Habits Have Been Revealed

The Nation's Speeding Habits Have Been Revealed

New research has shed light on the nation’s speeding habits. In particular, it’s revealed when we’re most likely to put the foot down on the accelerator…

Sunday Speeding 

The research, which was conducted by MoneySupermarket, examined data compiled by the Department of Transport. It revealed that Sunday is the most likely day for people to speed, especially during the early hours; but that’s a trend present across the week, with 63% of us speeding between 4am and 5am. Generally, 53% of us speed on Sundays and 51% on Saturdays. Monday, Tuesday and Friday aren’t far behind at 47%. Weirdly, Thursdays and Wednesdays appear to safest days, with 46% of us speeding during the middle of the week. MoneySupermarket also looked into insurance inquiry data. Shockingly, it discovered that just 8% of drivers declare speeding convictions when seeking a quote. That said, it’s not hard to understand why. A single speeding conviction can raise prices by more than £70. Then again, that’s a lot cheaper than being taken to court for fraud.

But Why Do We Speed?

So, we know when we’re most likely to speed. But what causes us to exceed the limits in the first place? Well, most of us deny ever knowing we’re doing it; with 42% saying they simply don’t pay attention. A further 40% claim that they’re running late and 17%, ultimately, describe themselves as ‘habitual’ speeders.

Rachel Wait, consumer affairs spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, believes drivers are exploiting emptier roads. She said, “our findings suggest that drivers are looking to take advantage of emptier roads on weekends and in the early hours”. However, she cautioned that there were still risks, “but it is important to remember that there are still major safety rules to abide by, no matter what time it is.” She added, “if you are caught speeding and want to keep your insurance costs down, it’s worth seeing whether you can take part in a speed awareness course, which means you won’t get points on your licence and provides a helpful reminder about speeding limits and the importance of driving safely.”

Ultimately, then, we’re a nation of speeders; flouting rules and restrictions. One thing the research didn’t look into, however, is by how much we’re speeding. Whilst we may forgive someone for doing 34 on a 30 road, doing 70 on a 40 is another matter entirely. Either way, we should all do our best to keep within the speed limit in order to keep ourselves and other road-users safe. And if that’s not convincing enough, do it just to avoid the inevitable fines and penalty points!

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