Navigate Through Poor Weather; Uncover the Benefits of Fog Lights










Enhance your driving experience with the use of vehicle fog lights. Fog lights are often known as an underestimated feature that can make a significant difference in your safety and visibility on the road, during poor weather conditions.

Important note:

  1. It is illegal to drive with your fog lights on when it is not foggy. Please ensure to turn off the fog lights as soon as the fog clears up. Fog lights can dazzle other road users, whilst the rear fog lights of your vehicle can obscure the view of your own brake lights. This can prevent the motor vehicle behind you from seeing the brake lights when stopping.
  2. Using your fog lights in light drizzle or rainy weather conditions can result in a fine if stopped by the police when they should not be on.

Below are six key benefits of fog lights and why they should be of such importance in your vehicle.

  • Enhanced visibility in hostile weather conditions: Another layer of illumination is provided on the road when using fog lights. Fog lights cut through thick fog, mist, rain, and snow with the special design. Visibility can be compromised through tough weather conditions, however, with the use of fog lights, they become your trusted ally ensuring that you can see and be seen.


  • Reduced glare and improved focus: High beams are commonly used when an individual driving cannot see the road ahead. This can cause an issue as the brightness of high beam lights can impair the visual of oncoming road users. This also applies to drivers in front of a vehicle with high beams, as the mirrors reflect the bright light into their eyes. Fog lights can help you concentrate on your surroundings, preventing eye fatigue, and providing a safer driving experience but using them in normal weather conditions, affects oncoming road users, dazzling them with the brightness fog lights; This is illegal.


  • Safety during the night: Driving throughout the night can be a difficult challenge, especially in poorly lit rural areas. With the design of fog lights being created lower to the surface, they complement regular headlights by supporting a wider and lower beam. This increases your peripheral vision, reducing the risk of any unexpected complications on the road. This is why fog lights are invaluable for late-night travel.


  • Vehicle aesthetics and design: On the flip side of fog lights and their practical advantages; they also can contribute to a better aesthetic for modern cars. Equipped with more stylish lights, it can enhance the appearance of a vehicle, indicating the attention to detail, manufacturers make when creating new vehicles.


  • Appeal and Value: Fog lights are becoming increasingly sought after, and buyers who prioritise their safety are willing to pay premium prices which can be very expensive. This premium for vehicles can potentially increase the resale value whilst providing enhanced visibility features.


  • Adaptive systems for additional safety: With technology growing at a rapid rate, some vehicles are equipped with adaptive light systems. The adaptive systems on these lights, adjust to the intensity and direction based on driving conditions. This system can essentially optimise the driver’s visibility and safety.

With the automotive industry developing and significant changes in weather conditions, every detail matters on a vehicle, fog lights included. Autoserve encourages you to consider the benefits of fog lights, not just as a necessity but as a valuable addition that can make significant differences in your driving experience. Please use fog lights at the correct time, if not you can be fined by the police since it is illegal to use them in the wrong weather conditions. Stay safe, stay visible and let fog lights illuminate your journey.

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