Navigating the shades: Legal limits of window tints in the UK

Vehicle tints are a modification which has become more popular among drivers across the UK. As much as they provide a stylish look to vehicles and enhance privacy, it is important to understand that there is a legal limit which needs to be abided by. This post will guide you through the legal aspects of window tints for vehicles in the UK.






UK legislation:

The regulation of window tinting in the UK is to ensure safety on the roads. This legislation is the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986. This legislation specifies the acceptable levels of light transmitted through a vehicle window.

Windows Tint Limit:

Regarding the strict UK law for vehicle tints, drivers must allow at least 75% light through the front windscreen. For the front side windows on a vehicle, drivers must also allow a minimum of 70% light through. For the rear windows of a vehicle, there is greater flexibility compared to the front windows. With there being no percentage requirement for light transmission through the rear windscreen. In addition, you can typically apply tints of any darkness level to the rear windows and windscreen. However, it is pivotal to take caution and ensure the tints applied do not obstruct visibility and compromise the driver’s safety. It is advised to verify the current regulations from official sources, such as the government’s official website or consult with relevant authorities, as legal requirements may change.

Consequences for non-compliance:

Violating window tint regulations often results in fines. The fine amount can vary depending on the jurisdiction and circumstance of the violation. A repeat offence can increase the amount of the fine. Additionally, some regions across the UK can impose points on the driver’s license for illegal window tinting. Accumulating a certain number of points within a short period can lead to additional consequences such as a license suspension. Law enforcement may also require the vehicle owner to rectify the window tint violation quickly. Failure to fix this issue will result in further penalties. In extreme cases for a driver, law enforcement can impound the vehicle. This severe penalty would be due to an accumulation of driving offences.

Medical exemptions:

There are some exemptions which exist for individuals to have darker tints for health reasons. This would require medical professional documentation and it is advised to seek approval before applying tints that deviate from the standard limits.


Before applying window tinting, it is recommended to use professional services. A professional in this field will be more likely aware of the legal limits and can help ensure that the tinting applied, complies with the UK regulations.

Before enhancing your vehicle tints, it’s crucial to be well-informed about the legal limits in the UK. Adhering to these regulations not only keeps you on the right side of the law but also contributes to the road safety of all motorists. These regulations and vehicle standards are subject to change. Always prioritise safety and compliance when modifying your vehicle.

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