Driving during the winter

One In Five Motorists Avoid Driving During The Winter

Driving during the winter

Millions of British drivers avoid taking to the roads during the winter months, new research has revealed…

Avoiding Winter Driving

Conducted by Zego, research has shed light on the antipathy millions of British motorists feel towards driving in the winter months. One in five of us (19%) avoid taking to the roads altogether, citing reduced visibility and slippery roads as primary concerns. Some 32% of drivers have also admitted to disliking driving in the dark.

The research, which involved surveying 2,000 drivers, also demonstrated that most drivers don’t feel any envy towards delivery drivers having to work over the holiday period. Indeed, 62% said that they wouldn’t want to swap places with them, due to difficult driving conditions.

‘Important to be Cautious’ 

Sten Saar, CEO of Zego, commented on the survey’s results. He said, “it is interesting to see how so many people hate driving through the winter months. There are more cars on the road because of the Christmas period, which naturally means there are more accidents. The weather conditions in particular don’t help”.

He added, “it is important to be cautious this time of year, and to think about those who have no choice but to drive in such conditions because of their job”.

Ultimately, drivers who don’t feel confident enough to drive during the colder months are probably making the right decision to either stay at home or to use alternative means of transport. That said, confidence issues can be addressed by taking additional lessons or simply by practicing on familiar roads. There are always safe ways of developing driving skills further, regardless of how long someone has been driving for.

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