Rising Car Costs Linked To Car Crashes, According To Research

Rising Car Costs Linked To Car Crashes, According To Research

Rising Car Costs Linked To Car Crashes, According To Research

A link between rising car costs and accidents has been established, according to a new study. New drivers are being forced to spend more time away from the wheel after passing their tests…

A Lack Of Confidence

Eye-watering insurance and maintenance costs are causing drivers to spend too long away from the roads after passing their tests. That’s according to a new study conducted by insurance company Marmalade; it suggests that young drivers are crashing because of a lack of driving experience. The study found that a quarter of young drivers felt they’d experienced an accident because they’d not driven for extended periods. It also discovered that more than a quarter of drivers under the age of 30 had spent six months or longer without driving after their tests.

The drivers who were surveyed explained that, due to not driving for an extended period, they’d become less confident and more hesitant whilst behind the wheel. One in every 20 went as far to claim that they felt more ‘dangerous’ because of a lack of experience. Reasons for avoiding the roads were varied. The most common concerned car costs; the price of getting a car, insurance and maintenance in particular.

Too Expensive To Drive

Figures acquired by Compare The Market revealed that half of all drivers aged between 17 – 24 don’t own a car; largely because they can’t afford the upkeep, fuel and insurance costs. The average price of insurance for young driver sits at around £1,300 a year. Crispin Moger, chief executive of Marmalade, stressed the need to make driving more accessible to younger license-holders. He said, “with more than a third of young drivers citing cost as the main reason for time off the road, insurance providers have a clear responsibility to help more young people get behind the wheel after their test”.

Whilst nearly all car costs have been on the rise, it’s insurance fees that have risen the most. For instance, insurance cost around £551 on average in 2014. This rose to £735 in 2017. Compare The Market claims that the government’s policies have cost motorists £7.8 billion; largely through insurance premium tax. But the government is under attack from multiple directions. Whilst being criticised for inhibiting car-ownership, they’re also being challenged by environmentalists and campaigners to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads – Precisely how they’ll choose to respond remains to be seen.

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