Sadiq Khan wants to 'Significantly Reduce' Car Use in London

Sadiq Khan wants to ‘Significantly Reduce’ Car Use in London

Sadiq Khan wants to 'Significantly Reduce' Car Use in London

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has announced that he wants to significantly reduce the use of cars in London…

A Congested City

Congestion is costing London £1.5 billion each and every year; that’s the equivalent of £1,211 per driver. As a consequence, there have been calls to scrap both the ultra-low emission (ULEZ) and congestion charges. In their place, it’s been suggested, a streamlined charging system should be implemented across the city.

According to City Hall, the number of people opting to cycle rose by 22% over the course of the pandemic. However, the number of people using public transport declined by a staggering 95%. The sector hasn’t fully recovered yet, either, with buses in the city running at 70% of their pre-pandemic capacities. The figure sits at 55% for the underground. Car use, however, has remained fairly stable. City Hall claims that a third of all car trips in London could be walked within 25 minutes or cycled within 20.

Reducing Car Use in London 

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, has said that the only option to improve transport in the city is to reduce the number of journeys being made in cars. He said, “most traffic is caused simply by there being too great a demand for limited street space; meaning the only long-term solution can be to significantly reduce car use in favour of greener means of travel”.

Nick Bowes, chief executive of the Centre for London, has claimed that it’s time to modernise the congestion charge. He said that it was “world-leading when it was introduced”, but that it’s now “outdated and its effectiveness has diminished over time”. He continued, “the Mayor needs to be bold and introduce a simpler, smarter and fairer system of road user charging that replaces both the congestion charge and the ultra-low emission zone”.

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