Seat Claims New Leon Is Its 'Most Connected' Model To Date

Seat Claims New Leon Is Its ‘Most Connected’ Model To Date

Seat Claims New Leon Is Its 'Most Connected' Model To Date

Seat has unveiled its eagerly awaited fourth generation Leon. As well as being a striking hatchback, it’s also they’re ‘most connected’ version yet…

Getting Connected

The Leon is Seat’s best-selling model. It’s sold over a million of the third generation. Which isn’t surprising, giving its similarity to Volkswagen’s much-celebrated Golf. The fourth generation, however, isn’t significant just because of its sharper looks and increased cabin space; it’s packed with in-car tech. According to Seat, it’s the company’s most ‘connected’ vehicle to date.

The car now comes with its own app, allowing drivers to remotely access the vehicle’s data. They can set up speed alerts, use voice commands and use the likes of Android Auto and Apple Car Play. They’ll also be able to view remaining fuel range, lock / unlock the vehicle and activate horns and lights to find it in a crowded parking area.

The Spanish automaker has also said that the car’s ‘digital ecosystem’ will continue to expand with new online services and in-car features, too.

Greener Options

The new Leon isn’t just being sold on its infotainment systems. Customers can now choose from a broader range of powertrains; these include mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid options. The former comes with a 48-volt starter-generator and is offered with the 108-hp 1.0-litre and on the 148-hp 1.5-liter gasoline engines. The latter has a 1.4-litre gasoline engine combined with an electric motor powered by a 13 kilowatt-hour battery. Total output, Seat says, is 201 hp. Naturally, there are still petrol, diesel and compressed natural gas engines as well.

It’s In The Design

Seat claims to have invested more than 1.1 billion Euros in the development of the new Leon. Carsten Isensee, the brand’s acting president, said this was “mainly in the vehicle development and in the improvement of the production facilities”.

Alejandro Mesonero, design director, said “the Leon is “a bolder vehicle than the previous generation”. That it’s based on its parent Volkswagen Group’s MQB Evo platform certainly helps. The car has a more aggressive, sporty character. But it’s not reinventing the wheel. This is a Seat vehicle and is instantly recognisable as a Leon. In this respect, it’s learnt from the Golf; which gently innovates between generations.

With the new Leon, Seat is making the attempt to exude confidence in its own brand and ability. Judging from the reaction of critics and commentators alike, it’s a successful one so far…

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