Spare Tyres: Motorists Want Them Back As Standard

Spare Tyres: Motorists Want Them Back As Standard

Spare Tyres: Motorists Want Them Back As Standard

According to research, motorists regard the loss of spare tyres as one of the most annoying developments in the automotive industry…

Gone But Not Forgotten 

New research, conducted by Carbuyer, has shed light on some of the changes to cars we find the most annoying. By a considerable margin, the loss of full-sized spare tyres tops our lists. More than a thousand motorists were surveyed as a part of the research. Around 660 of them said the replacement of spare tyres with repair kits was the most irritating change; that’s two out of three. Automakers have for a number of years removed spare tyres from their models and replaced them with temporary fix solutions. They often cite the emissions caused by increased weight, but some more cynical observers put it down to cost.

James Batchelor, editor-at-large at Carbuyer, noted how unpopular the loss of spare tyres was. He said, “the absence of a full-size spare appears to be overwhelmingly unpopular with drivers, doubtless because both alternative solutions are such inconvenient temporary solutions to a flat tyre”. He added, “continuing your journey on a speed-limited wheel – or using a temporary repair kit – are deeply unpopular options for an overwhelming majority of drivers”.

What Other Changes Annoy Us? 

The loss of spare tyres isn’t the only modern automotive development that troubles us. The research also revealed that we’re not very fond of stop-start systems. These became widespread around 2010 and automatically shut engines off after they’ve been idle for an extended time; they came second on the list. Electronic handbrakes came in at third place. This is unfortunate, given that manual variants are said to becoming ‘extinct. Keyless entry systems and faulty sat navs came in at fourth and fifth place respectively. Finally, cabin warning sounds came in at sixth place. Batchelor mused, “modern cars bristle with innovations designed for efficiency and convenience. But our research proves the adage that you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

It would have been interesting for Carbuyer to have broken down the age of the respondents. After all, it’d be intriguing to see whether younger drivers are as bothered by these developments; some of which, no doubt, they’ll barely have had time to notice. For older drivers, however, they’re probably saying farewell to, what are for them, staples of the driving experience.

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