Just 1 In 10 Stolen Cars Are Recovered As Thefts Soar

Just 1 In 10 Stolen Cars Are Recovered As Thefts Soar

Just 1 In 10 Stolen Cars Are Recovered As Thefts Soar

Only one out of every ten stolen cars are recovered, according to new data. The announcement comes at a time when police are failing to tackle soaring car crime.

Overstretched Police Forces

Police have been accused of ‘going soft’ on car crime as figures have begun to soar. The number of stolen cars and vehicles has risen by 8.8% from 103,493 in 2017 to 113,037 last year. To make matters worse, only seven police forces have been successful in reducing car crime. The most successful were in the City of London (down 11.9%) and Wiltshire (down 11.2%). Conversely, there were enormous increases in Staffordshire (37.5%), Bedfordshire (27.3%) and Thames Valley (26.6%).

It’s thought that so-called ‘relay crime’ is at the heart of the increase. Sophisticated criminals use signal relay devices to transmit signals from car keys straight into a vehicle; meaning thieves can operate quickly and quietly. Car manufacturers have been slow to update their software and technology in order to prevent it. A whopping 96% of motorists are at risk of this method, according to TRACKER, a vehicle tracking company.

Driver Responsibility 

Alex Buttler, the Director of car selling website Motorway.co.uk, believes police forces are overstretched. He said, “these troubling car crime figures suggest that over-stretched and under-resourced police forces are struggling to curb the rising number of car crimes, and in particular keyless car thefts.” He added, “the police can only do so much, and there is a responsibility on drivers, particularly those with highly desirable prestige motors, to check they are not being watched, to keep their car keys in a safe place away from windows and front doors, and to consider fitting a tracking device as an added level of protection.”

Drivers are advised to keep their car keys concealed when not in use. They’re most susceptible to relaying devices when they’re left at the front of the house; especially by windows. In addition, it’s important to never leave keys in the ignition of an unattended vehicle. This is especially common during the winter when motorists leave their cars as they defrost and warm up. It’s also worth investing in steering and wheel locks, or even installing barriers on your drive way; especially if you happen to live in an area with a high rate of stolen vehicles.

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