Tesla Is Now Offering A Model S With A 400-Mile Range

Tesla Is Now Offering A Model S With A 400-Mile Range

Tesla Is Now Offering A Model S With A 400-Mile Range

Tesla has reached a new milestone in helping drivers overcome range-anxiety. Its latest Model S comes with more than 400 miles of range…

Tesla Is Putting An End To Range-Anxiety

There’s now a Tesla Model S capable of covering more than 400 miles on a single charge. The new Long Range Plus version of the Model S can, according to the company, manage 402 miles; that’s approximately a 20% improvement on the outgoing Model S Long Range. That said, the latest model was tested via the American EPA programme; this is somewhat different to the WLTP test used in European countries. That said, it’s nevertheless an impressive feat; one that will no doubt be used to reinforce the idea that Tesla is considerably further ahead than its rivals when it comes to battery technology.

The Long Range Plus model doesn’t just come with better range. It comes with a lighter battery pack, electric motors and seats. In addition, it uses a brand new regenerative braking system which will now engage at lower speeds. More aerodynamically-efficient alloy wheels will also improve the car’s range by 2%. The old mechanical oil pump has also been replaced by an electric version. Finally, there’s a new transmission for the car’s front electric motor; Tesla says this will provide a further two% improvement in range when the car is cruising.

But Not In Europe? 

America’s a vast country and there are considerable distances between its major cities. This is why the EPA test is geared towards sustained, long-distance cruising; think hundreds of miles on an open highway. Conversely, the WLTP cycle favours the stop-start, short-distance driving that’s far more prevalent in crowded Europe. It’s likely, then, that the 402 mile figure will be reduced when the new Model S variant reaches European markets. That said, it’ll still represent an improvement on its predecessor; and another step towards overcoming range-anxiety, thereby making EVs a solid option for an increasing number of drivers. After all, a drive from London to Edinburgh, or Berlin to Paris, might be lengthy and time-consuming to us, but try New York to Miami…

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