The AA Wants A £1 Billion Diesel Scrappage Scheme

The AA Wants A £1 Billion Diesel Scrappage Scheme

The AA Wants A £1 Billion Diesel Scrappage Scheme

The motoring group AA wants English cities and the government to collectively pledge £1 billion towards a diesel scrappage scheme…

Ditching Diesel 

Cities across England are raising money for, what they call, a ‘clean air fund’. Costing £1.5 billion, some of this will be set aside for a diesel scrappage scheme. If accompanied by £500 million from the government, it’ll fund a comprehensive one across the country. Such a scheme would allow motorists to upgrade their older diesel models via grants for more compliant ones. Money could then we recouped via supplements on parking permit charges and interest-free loans; meaning the money can actually be recycled back into EVs.

Edmund King, President of the AA, is excited by the concept. He said, “this is a radical clean air plan that ticks so many of the boxes – protecting vulnerable low-income car owners, giving the city mayors most of the cleaner vehicle money they want and giving a surge of power to the electrification of city vehicles”. He added, “half the money, coming from bus lane fines, is ready and waiting in council coffers. Rather than waiting two years for clean air restrictions to come into force, councils can make a start virtually tomorrow. It also meets the requirements for use of traffic fines income on transport projects”.

Somewhat amusingly, King also took fire at some local authorities “and, if the councils complain that they need the bus lane income to fill in potholes and other roads projects, the ones in England already plan to make a surplus of £921 million from their parking charges”.

Keeping Things Fair 

The AA wants the scrappage scheme to be fair towards all motorists, especially low-earners, families, the disabled and elderly drivers. It wants to ensure they’re not priced off of roads via the likes of congestion charges and an increasing number of low-emission zones. In addition, it believes electrification should target the worst polluters first. That includes the likes of vans, taxis, buses and higher-mileage drivers (especially in cities). Many of the cities pledging funding are reluctant to target private cars. The AA argues that its own proposals would allow for better insights and information by targeting the worst culprits beforehand; all whilst protecting vulnerable motorists from unfair costs and expenses.

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