The Supercar Experience: What It's Really Like To Drive One

The Supercar Experience: What It’s Really Like To Drive One

The Supercar Experience: What It's Really Like To Drive One

Driving a supercar is an experience, it redefines everything a person knows about motoring and driving in general. Here’s why…

How Does The Industry Define A Supercar? 

There are all sorts of categories for cars nowadays and it can be difficult to keep up. Whether it’s ‘sports car’, ‘supercar’ hypercar’ and now even ‘megacar.’ The reality is most of these are just marketing gimmicks to draw attention to a new model. Supercar is a fairly standard term, however, for luxury and high-performance cars.

They can include cars that are made in limited numbers by elite brands and standard-looking models with modified and exceptional performance levels. That means supercars can range from marques such as Ferrari and Bugatti to Mercedes-Benz.

It’s All About The Noise

One of the first things you’ll notice after getting into a supercar is the noise; they’re a lot louder than your standard motoring fare. Boosted engines roaring with energy and torque will ring in your ears, almost growling. This can be intimidating at first, but it’s the sounds that form part of the appeal to enthusiasts.

Supercars ‘talk’ to their drivers, providing them with a satisfying level of input every time they hit the accelerator. Of course, as we begin to see electric supercars roll off of production lines, this characteristic could change. EVs are practically silent, so much so that legislators are campaigning for them to make noises simply to alert pedestrians to their presence. However, until we say farewell to petrol and diesel powertrains, supercars will remain delightfully noisy.

The Speed And Responsiveness 

Supercars are responsive, almost unnervingly so. The accelerator will be incredibly sensitive and you’ll find it frighteningly easy to reach inappropriate speeds. You’ll feel yourself pushing back into your seat as you gain speed. Corners that’d typically cause you to sweat at 50 mph will feel like a breeze at 80 thanks to highly reaction steering. You’ll quickly realise that cruising at ridiculous speeds doesn’t feel ridiculous. Supercars have advanced handling and aerodynamics, so the ride will be smooth and stable in most weather conditions.

Public Reactions

Once you’ve become accustomed to the car’s performance, you’ll quickly realise that there’s another dynamic to driving a supercar; the reactions you’ll receive. Supercars, and luxury cars in general, are symbols. They symbolise power, wealth and progress and even people relatively disinterested in motoring will feel drawn to them.

You’ll find some drivers want to race you, pedestrians will stare and take photos and police will wait eagerly for you to make a wrong move. In short, you’re going to stand out and what was usually a fairly private affair will quickly become something very different.

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