The UK's Rapid Charger Network Grew By Nearly 80% In 2022

The UK’s Rapid Charger Network Grew By Nearly 80% In 2022

The UK's Rapid Charger Network Grew By Nearly 80% In 2022

New data has shed light on how rapidly the UK’s rapid charger network has grown over the last twelve months…

Rapid Growth for Rapid Chargers

New figures from Zap-Map, a website that monitors charging infrastructure in the UK, have revealed how quickly the nation’s rapid charger network is growing. Throughout 2022, 100 high-speed charging hubs were opened to the public; representing nearly an 80% increase overall.

There were 2,295 rapid chargers in the country in December, up from 1,290 at the end of 2021. Much of the growth has been a product of large networks, such as Osprey, Gridserve and MFG EV Power expanding their own networks.

Regional discrepancies still exist, however, when it comes to where infrastructure is being installed. London and the South East still top the charts for the amount of chargers. Nevertheless, the West Midlands saw the most growth in 2022. The total number of chargers in the region grew from 1,854 devices to 2,816 – an overall increase of 52%.

A Big Year for Electrifying Transport

Melanie Shufflebotham, co-founder and COO at Zap-Map, recognises that there are still areas in the UK’s charging network that need improvement. She said, “there are areas we need to see improvements — there’s still a London and South-East bias, especially for slow on-street charging, and reliability remains the top concern for EV drivers. The rollout of rapid and ultra-rapid chargers has been moving at pace and this needs to continue through 2023, because they are crucial for topping up en-route”.

Nevertheless, she welcomed the progress made in 2022, saying “despite the challenges of rising energy prices and supply chain shortages, it’s been another big year for electrifying transport. Hopefully 2023 will beat the records again”.

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