There Are More Than 700,000 Untaxed Vehicles On The Roads

There Are More Than 700,000 Untaxed Vehicles On The Roads

There Are More Than 700,000 Untaxed Vehicles On The Roads

New figures have revealed that more than 700,000 vehicles on the UK’s roads are untaxed, and the number is rising…

More Untaxed Vehicles on the Road

Over the last twelve months, it’s been revealed that 1.9% of vehicles in the UK are untaxed. That’s up from 1.6% in 2019 and represents both 719,000 vehicles and up to £119 million in lost revenue for the state. However, the DVLA has said that it’s difficult to calculate how much money has been lost definitively; ‘as this is an upper estimate and some will be reclaimed or paid later’.

The organisation has also emphasised that the vast majority of British drivers are compliant with the law; collectively forking out £7 billion in tax every single year. But why are there rising numbers of untaxed vehicles on the roads? It’s likely a combination of factors. Some of these include reduced enforcement during the pandemic, economic hardship and vehicles being given SORNs at the start of the pandemic.

Clamping Down

Julie Lennard, DVLA Chief Executive, emphasised that the organisation was doing all that it could to clamp down on offenders. She said, “we work hard to drive down vehicle tax evasion; and the vast majority of motorists are doing the right thing with over 98% of vehicles on the road taxed correctly. Estimated evasion rates fluctuate, and the pandemic is highly likely to have impacted some motorists’ behaviours. Those who choose to evade will be tackled using our proven package of comprehensive enforcement measures”.

She continued, “these include penalties and court prosecutions through to the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras, wheelclamping and the removal of untaxed vehicles. You can tax your vehicle using our quick and easy online services; available 24/7. And the costs of vehicle tax can be spread throughout the year by opting to pay in instalments by direct debit; which is a popular choice with nearly 15 million vehicles taxed this way in 2020″.

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