There's Been A Boom In Classic Electric Car Conversions

There’s Been A Boom In Classic Electric Car Conversions

There's Been A Boom In Classic Electric Car Conversions

The number of drivers retrofitting electric powertrains to their classic cars is booming, according to industry analysts…

Classic Cars Are Going Green

Classic car enthusiasts are looking to combine the past with the future, retrofitting their cars with the latest electric powertrains; replacing fuel tanks and engines with motors and battery systems. It’s a costly and controversial process, with a typical conversion costing up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Before it was cancelled, for instance, the F-Type Zero had a price-tag of £300,000. Aston Martin Works is also allegedly working on a DB6 Volante conversion, which will fetch a similar price. However, some classic car enthusiasts claim that it’s impossible to preserve an historic car’s heritage whilst rendering it an EV.

Despite costs and controversies, more and more people are looking to bring their classic cars into the 21st century; combining the status of an historical model with green credentials. After all, many classic models are notably polluting due to their ancient engines. David Lorenz, founder of conversion company Lunaz, believes the conversions are at the forefront of sustainability. He said, “an entirely new breed of customer requires a clean-air powertrain. The world is changing. Global legislation and shifting attitudes towards sustainability are driving demand for clean-air alternatives”. He added that the cars “represent the ultimate in up-cycling and sustainable mobility”.

Eco-Friendly Credentials, Peak Performance

Lunaz’s conversions pack some serious punch. Their all-electric Jaguar XK120 boasts 375bhp and 700Nm of torque thanks to a 80kWh battery pack and motor. In addition, it only takes the car five seconds to manage 0 – 60 mph. Perhaps more impressively, it has a functional range of 250 miles. The company is also working on conversions for the 1955-65 Bentley Continental Coupe and Drophead, the Mulliner Flying Spur, and (of course) various Rolls-Royce models. Prices start at around £350,000, which clearly isn’t a deterrent; with the company’s Silverstone-based workforce being doubled to meet demand.

But what about the classic purists who claim electric conversions are tantamount to sacrilege? The company says it’s preserving the cars for the future,  “the world is changing, my daughter’s generation will not enjoy the same access to classic cars we have. We are engaged in the preservation of some of the most significant objects in history”.

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