These Are The Five Most Unreliable Cars In Britain

These Are The Five Most Unreliable Cars In Britain (There’s A Trend)

These Are The Five Most Unreliable Cars In Britain

Some cars never let you down, even after covering tens of thousands of miles. Others, however, seem to spend more time in the garage than on the road network. Here are the five most unreliable cars in Britain…

The Most Unreliable Cars In Britain

WhatCar’s Reliability Survey has revealed the most unreliable cars available in Britain. Over 18,000 drivers reported on how dependable their cars had been over the last 12 months. Faults were divided into 14 categories and rated by seriousness. Respondents were also asked about how long their vehicles were off of the roads for and how much repairs cost. The result was a ‘reliability score’ being generated for 218 models from 31 brands.

But what’s most striking is that the most unreliable vehicles all seemed to share something in common; they’re SUVs. More importantly, many of them were ‘premium’ models and practically all of Jaguar Land Rovers models made the list…

Range Rover Evoque (2011-2019)

The Evoque scored just 78.4% on its reliability, making it the 5th most unreliable vehicle available in Britain. Owners faced difficulties with 13 of WhatCar’s 14 categories; with only steering being unaffected. Half of the affected vehicles were out of action for over a week and approximately 10% couldn’t be driven at all. Repairs cost between £101 and around £1500.

Range Rover Velar (2017 on)

A staggering 48% of Velar owned reported to have faced problems with their cars. Some 33% of them reported non-engine electrical faults. But there were also issues with bodywork, the sat-nav and interior trim. All of these Velars were repaired for free, but half of them took more than a week.

Jeep Renegade (2015 on)

If you own a Renegade and haven’t faced serious electrical faults, count yourself lucky. Half of the respondents reported at least one issue with the likes of the radio and dashboard displays. However, most of the cars could still be driven and repairs usually only took a day to carry out. That said, fees ranged between £51 and £1500.

Nissan X-Trail (2014 on)

If you think SUV, you probably think ‘tough’ and ‘sturdy’. Think again, this just a product of clever marketing. Making a car bigger doesn’t make it stronger and the X-Trail is a good example of this. 39% of owners faced problems and these concerned 11 of the 14 fault categories. Roughly half of these were repaired in a day, but the rest were out of action for a week or more. Again, repairs cost up to £1,500.

Range Rover (2013 on)

The Range Rover is an iconic vehicle. Today, however, it’s also the most unreliable one available to British motorists. Its most common problems concern its battery, but it also faces miseries with its suspension and gearbox systems. Half of these repairs were free, but a third cost at least £1,000. A third of all Range Rovers were also immobile for more than a week. In other words, Jaguar needs to get its act together.

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