Toyota Plans To Remanufacture Cars Up To Three Times In UK

Toyota Plans To Remanufacture Cars Up To Three Times In UK

Toyota Plans To Remanufacture Cars Up To Three Times In UK

Toyota will soon remanufacture customer vehicles in the UK, in order to significantly extend their lifespans…

Toyota to Remanufacture Vehicles 

There’s never been more pressure on automotive companies to develop increasingly sustainable manufacturing processes. Many are now trying to source more environmentally-friendly materials, and are rapidly electrifying their models. Toyota, however, is seemingly taking things a step further. It intends to remanufacturer its vehicles in the UK; possibly up to three times.

Speaking to Autocar, Agustín Martín, president and managing director of Toyota GB shed light on the plan. He said, “we need to stretch the way we look at life for both the vehicle and the customer. I think we’re very familiar with the usual two- to three-year cycles that are extremely popular in the UK, but we need to go beyond that two- to three-year cycle and say: ‘Okay, what happens in that second cycle and in the third cycle?’”

How It’ll Work 

In order to extend its contract time with its customers, Toyota will take vehicles back to its factories after their first use cycle. It’ll then refurbish them to the highest standard, in order to ensure the next user has something comparable to a new car. This process could, potentially, be carried out three times. After that, the Japanese brand will focus on recycling cars as efficiently as it can.

Many details of the process have yet to be revealed, but Martín emphasised that the environment will be the priority. He said, “How do we recycle it? How do we reuse different parts that are essential and maybe can be used for other services? How do we then rebuild the batteries, reuse them and recycle them? How do we use part of the material for the brand-new vehicle that’s going to be used in the factory?” It’ll be interesting to see what answers and conclusions are reached.

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