The Price Of Progress: Volkswagen To Cut 4,000 Jobs Through Digitalisation

Volkswagen’s Getting A New Logo And It’ll Reveal It Soon

The Price Of Progress: Volkswagen To Cut 4,000 Jobs Through Digitalisation

Volkswagen is preparing to enter a ‘digital’ age with a new logo. Three years in the making, it’ll be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show alongside its new, all-electric ID.3 model…

‘New Volkswagen’

Volkswagen’s getting a new logo and it’s name is, quite imaginatively, ‘New Volkswagen’. The result of three year’s worth of creative development, it’s been designed with digitalisation and modernity in mind; not to mention escaping the dark cloud that was, and is, the Dieselgate emissions scandal. The current logo has been in use since 2010, but will now be replaced with a similar, but more streamlined design. The letters ‘V’ and ‘W’ will remain in a circle, but with a simpler and two-dimensional design; with the letters no longer in contact with one and other. On cars, it’ll be white with a black background; although this will be modifiable. GTI models will use a red alternative.

John Sengpiehl is VW’s marketing boss and believes the logo, which was designed entirely in-house by the company, will become an ‘icon.’ He said the older logo had, “become a bit heavy, somewhat immobile, especially in today’s digital era.” He explained, “the new logo has been reduced to its essential components. It’s flat, open, full of contrast and clearly perceived. The new logo is not just a logo but an icon”. He suggested that the new design had deliberately been produced with digital platforms in mind.

A ‘Logical Consequence’ Of Dieselgate

Ralf Brandstätter, Volkswagen’s chief operating officer, admitted that the re-branding was a “logical consequence” of the Dieselgate scandal. Since the crisis, the company has radically shifted towards electrification; stating that it wants to be selling a million EVs a year by 2025. Brandstätter said, “what began as a fundamental crisis turned out to be a catalyst for the transformation of Volkswagen. Now it’s time to boldly move forward. We plan to be the world market leader in electric mobility by 2025, which means selling one million EVs per year by then”. He said the company wanted to make zero-emission transport available to everyone, but that it’d take time.

In essence, the German automaker has taken ownership of Dieselgate. Whether critics and consumers forgive them for Dieselgate or not, the strategy is clearly an intelligent one; use the industry’s greatest controversy to revitalise the brand. Volkswagen’s new logo will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. At the same time, it’ll be installed at its vast headquarters in Wolfsburg. Over the next two years, it’ll be replacing a total of 70,000 logos across 10,000 dealers in 171 markets.

The Price Of Progress: Volkswagen To Cut 4,000 Jobs Through Digitalisation –

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