Volvo is Recalling 2.2 Millions Cars for a Seatbelt Fault

Volvo is Recalling 2.2 Millions Cars for a Seatbelt Fault

Volvo is Recalling 2.2 Millions Cars for a Seatbelt Fault

Volvo is having to recall some 2.2 million of its cars globally due to a serious fault with their seatbelts. Many thousands are in the UK…

Volvo’s Seatbelt Defects

If Volvo is known for anything, its driving safety. It’s unfortunate, then, that it’s having to recall around 2.2 million of its cars globally due to a seatbelt fault. According to the company, a securing cable can suffer from excessive fatigue – weakening the overall strength of the seatbelts. The recall concerns a wide variety of Volvo models, including the likes of the V60, V60 Cross Country, S60, S60 Cross Country and the XC60. All of these are from a previous generation, rather than the current. It’s thought that just shy of 170,000 of them are on British roads.

In a statement, Volvo has said that the fault is “extremely rare” but “in extreme cases, damage to the cable, which is located in a rubber sleeve on the outside of the seats, could result in reduced seat belt restraint function”.  As of now, it hasn’t received any reports of the fault causing an accident. Nevertheless, it apologised for the inconvenience it’s caused saying “we apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers, and are grateful for their cooperation as we look to perform this precautionary action”.

Close To Home

Volvo, a Swedish company now owned by the Chinese firm Geely, has quite the history when it comes to the humble seatbelt. It invented the three-pointed seat belt in 1959 under the guidance of its engineer Nils Bohlin. Famously, it decided to leave the patent open so that other car manufacturers could use the life-saving technology. As a consequence, the recall will no doubt be somewhat embarrassing for the company. Nevertheless, it’s quickly faced up to its mistake and is looking to correct it; despite there being no reports on injury or loss of life globally.

It’s not the company’s first recall. It had to recall thousands of cars last year due to a faulty plastic intake manifold. Engineers discovered that the manifold could melt and pose a fire risk under some (admittedly rare) circumstances.

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