What Guaranteed Maintenance is/ What It Covers

With our Guaranteed Maintenance contract we pride ourselves on providing all of our customers with the highest level of service. 

Throughout the Guaranteed Maintenance contract there are a variety of different services included as well as a personalised Autoserve drivers card, used to identify our customers. Whether it is a single vehicle or fleet of vehicles, Guaranteed Maintenance could be a great fit.

What is Guaranteed Maintenance?

A monthly plan which covers the costs of maintenance repairs. All servicing is based upon the manufacturers guidelines and servicing schedules. This will only cover vehicles aged twelve months or less, at the point of sign up.

What does it cover?

24 hour Assistance / Driver Helpline – With a 24/7, 365 days a year driver helpline we are here when you need us.

Servicing, Maintenance and Repair (SMR) – This covers a vehicles MOT and Servicing. The driver will need to fill out our online booking form and book into their closest approved garage to their work or home address.

Accident Management – Driver and passenger safety is crucial. Once contacting our dedicated Autoserve customer line, our accident management partner will quickly assist in the event of an incident.

Breakdown Assistance*, including home start – If a vehicle has broken down anywhere in the UK, including at home, Autoserve will send a reputable breakdown company to attend to the vehicle 24/7.

Tyre Replacements, fair wear and tear – Replacement tyres due to fair wear and tear and punctures* can be replaced with the Guaranteed Maintenance plan. Any ATS or National Tyre branch will be able to replace the tyres.

Warranty Claim Bookings – For the duration of the Guaranteed Maintenance plan if your new vehicle develops any faults, which falls within the vehicles warranty, we can deal with the the warranty claim booking on the drivers behalf.

– 16,000 approved garages across the UK

– Free Vehicle Collection and Delivery on day of vehicle service, subject to availability**

– Free courtesy car, on day of vehicle service, subject to availability**

– Includes an Autoserve Club membership. Access to motoring deals and discounts.

Autoserve: Introducing the Autoserve Club – https://autoserve.co.uk/motoring-news/autoserve-introducing-the-autoserve-club/

Different Types of Public EV Chargers (slow vs rapid) – https://autoserve.co.uk/ev-vehicles/different-types-of-public-ev-chargers-slow-vs-rapid/

With over 16,000 approved garages, a 24/7 service and a host of cost-saving offers, Autoserve can keep your car running smoothly. Call one of our professional Service Advisors on 0121 521 3500 for more details.  After all one call does it all!

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