What Is End Guard?

End Guard is our new service available for all customers with a Guaranteed Maintenance or Fleet Management package. 

What is Autoserve’s End Guard service?

This is a service provided for lease vehicles. When the vehicle is coming to the end of it’s contract and needs to be returned to the lease company but there is damage on the vehicle, you’ll usually pay more to fix the damage compared to if you fixed the damage prior to returning the vehicle. Our End Guard facility allows you to submit images and video’s, of the vehicle damage. Our technician will then review all images/video’s to see if the damage falls in or outside of the BVRLA fair wear and tear guidelines. However, if we believe the damage falls out of the guidelines, we can refer your vehicle to one of our selected repair partners for a quote for you to approve and pay before booking your vehicle in to be repaired.

What kind of damage is covered with our End Guard service?

End Guard can help with scuffs, scratched, alloy wheel damage, chips or cracks to glass, bodywork dents and missing parts.

Where can you access End Guard?

Our End Guard service is available on our website. You just need to simply submit the submission form.

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