The Absolute Worst Places To Drive In The UK

The Absolute Worst Places To Drive In The UK

The Absolute Worst Places To Drive In The UK

The worst places to drive in the UK all have something in common; plenty of speed cameras, abundant potholes and extensive congestion. That’s according to a new report…

Worst Places To Drive

Money Barn, a car finance company, has collected data in order to determine where the worst places to drive are in the UK. This data concerns the amount of speed cameras and potholes there are in a given area, as well as traffic density and typical delays. Whilst some of the spots are precisely what you’d expect, others are may surprise you.

At the top of the list is (you guessed it) Greater London. It’s officially the worst place to drive in the entire country. Based on all of the included metrics in the report, it scores high. For delays and traffic it scored a solid 10 out of 10 and for potholes a depressing 8.7. Unusually, however, it came out with a pretty average score of 5.83 for speed cameras; the area’s one saving grace.

In terms of speed cameras, the worst affected regions were Essex at 7.12 and Greater Manchester at 6.38. Drivers in East Sussex are in the worst place for potholes, as the region scored a whopping 10 out of 10. Greater London wasn’t far behind with a score of 8.7. For slow traffic, Kingston Upon Hull stood out at 9.85; hardly surprising that built-up urban areas would be the worst affected.

Pothole Pandemonium

Britain is currently facing a pothole ‘pandemic’, with more appearing on our roads than ever before. So severe is the situation that motorists are spending £4 billion a year on repairing the damage they cause. According to separate research, nearly 60% of drivers claim to have had the cars damaged after driving over a pothole. Average repair costs are around £230. Over a quarter of motorists (27%) have suggested that they’d happily add five miles onto their journeys if it meant avoiding potholes.

Always be on the lookout for potholes and, if it’s safe to do so, drive around them. If this isn’t possible, simply drive over them gently. Suspension systems and tyres are particularly at risk from potholes, so make sure to inspect them if you’ve been caught out. If you suspect yours have been damaged by a pothole, make sure to approach your local council for compensation; payouts tend to fall in the £300 – £500 mark.

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