Duty Of Care: Let Autoserve Handle It

Duty Of Care: Let Autoserve Take Care Of It For You

Duty Of Care: Let Autoserve Handle It

Duty of Care can represent a minefield of responsibilities. Employers have an obligation to their company car drivers, should they neglect it they can face crippling fines. But Autoserve’s Duty of Care facility can handle everything for you from start to finish…

What Is Duty Of Care?

Duty of care is quite simply the moral and legal obligation an employer has to his or her employees. A large part of this consists of ensuring that members of staff are fit and able to carry out their tasks on a day-to-day basis. Whilst many companies successfully fulfil their legal obligations to office-based or static members of staff, they often neglect their drivers; whether fleet or grey fleet.

With the extension of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, the responsibilities of employers have only broadened. Fines for a failure to deliver Duty of Care have reached £1.2 million! In other words, it’s always financially smarter to ensure compliance than to deal with the consequences of negligence.

How Autoserve Can Help 

As far as drivers are concerned, it’s required that they’re road legal, fit to drive and utilise safe and well-maintained vehicles. The admin required for all of this can be exceptionally demanding and time-consuming. This is why Autoserve’s Duty of Care facility is designed to address all of your legal obligations for you.

Our Duty of Care facility will…

Conduct driving licence checks,  including penalty points and convictions

Checks to ensure the vehicle’s insurance is both valid and accurate

Check the vehicle is being properly maintained

Conduct driver health checks, ensuring your employees are fit to drive

Create thorough and accurate mileage reports

Handle accident monitoring and reporting

Address driver training where appropriate

In other words, Autoserve’s Duty of Care facility means you’ll never have to worry about meeting your obligations again. Let our trained professionals handle the admin for you, so you can focus on your business and its operations. Available via both our Fleet Card and Service Card (optional extra) and as a stand-alone service, the facility is designed to be as accessible and personalised as you require.

Learn more about our Duty of Care facility here: http://autoserve.co.uk/our-services/duty-of-care/

Smart Motorways Pose Compliance ‘Risk’ For Fleets: https://www.autoservefleet.co.uk/latest-news/smart-motorways-pose-compliance-risk-for-fleets/

With over 16,000 approved garages, a 24/7 support service and a host of cost-saving offers, Autoserve can keep your car moving smoothly. For any further questions please call Autoserve on 0121 521 3500.

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